Employment Based Permanent Residence

Our clients, both employers and individuals holding temporary work visas, often decide that permanent residence is the desired goal.  Similarly, those who have achieved significant national and international recognition for their work or whose work will substantially benefit the United States, also wish to work toward permanent residence.  We have worked extensively with people navigating this complex and often time consuming process.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Extraordinary Ability/National Interest Waivers
  • Labor Certification (PERM) including advanced degree, professionals, skilled and unskilled workers
  • L-1A Managers/Executives
  • Nurses
  • College and University Professors
  • Religions Workers

We work with our clients from beginning to end, including adjustment of status, in the US for the primary applicant and all qualified family members and consular processing for individuals outside the US. The timing of these applications are  based on visa availability with the individual’s priority date (place in line) being established by the filing of the PERM or the I-140